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The Okanagan Mission Residents Association (OMRA) works on behalf of all persons residing within the Okanagan Mission boundaries.

Our role is to promote the interests of persons residing within our boundaries, to organize functions and activities within our community and to facilitate interaction and dialogue between the City of Kelowna and/or other governments with the Okanagan Mission residents.

We strive to have a Director from each of the neighbourhoods that form the Okanagan Mission on our Board of Directors, so that each of our communities may have a voice within the Association.


OMRA Oktoberfest a Success!

OMRA recently held an Oktoberfest event at Michaelbrook Brookside Grill on October 14. The themed event sold out;...

OMRA Supports COBSS Bursary

The Okanagan Mission Residents Association (OMRA) recently presented a Mission student with a  bursary through...

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