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Aqua Marine Valet Development Proposal

Please click the link below to find out more of the proposal to develop the Eldorado Public boat launch and car park: The next upcoming Public Information Meeting is being held on Tuesday, April 25th at the Eldorado Hotel, from 4:00 to 7:00 pm (open house).

Public are welcome  to give feedback to the City about this project at  cityclerk@kelowna.ca and can also attend the City Council session May 2 6pm Where Aqua will be presenting a request for rezoning

Thomson Flats Subdivision Development Proposal

Thomson Flats development is a proposal of 1400 new homes to be built in the Upper Mission close to Kuipers Peak, Ponds Subdivision. Still very much in the planning phase, These Lots will not be available until 2020. Visit https://thomsonflats.ca  for maps and more information.

Local Projects

The Okanagan Mission Residents Association works on your behalf to proactively facilitate dialogue and interact with the City of Kelowna and other levels of governments, on all matters affecting the present and future quality of life of Okanagan Mission residents including, but not limited to, land use planning, transportation, parks, pedestrian systems, transit and our air and water quality.

The Association will endeavor to ensue the concerns of Okanagan Mission residents are considered in the City’s decision making process, and will strive to ensure that due process is followed on all City matters affecting the residents of the Okanagan Mission area.

If you are a Resident of the Okanagan Mission, and have a concern regarding land use planning, transportation or any of the above, please take a few moments to send us your concerns.

The City of kelowna website is a useful reference for any current developments in your neighbourhood. You can access this information by clicking below:

City Maps & Open Data